EXI is committed to scientific research, advancing the credibility of digitally delivered exercise and behaviour change to enable healthcare and fitness professionals to transform how long-term medical conditions are managed, treated and prevented.

Founded on the Latest Evidence

EXI puts the latest ACSM and Exercise is Medicine, NICE, the WHO and hundreds more academic journals into the hands of healthcare and fitness professionals worldwide, for real-world implementation and evaluation. 

Our Partners

We are partnering with healthcare providers and academic institutions to show the health and economic impact of adding a digitally prescribed physical activity intervention.

When we are not bound by a confidentiality agreement, we can share high level details in our Clinical Evidence page.

Multidisciplinary Weight Management Service Evaluation at Barts

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Effectiveness of 12 week EXi prescription

Effectiveness of 12-week EXI digital exercise prescription in people who have a wide
range of long-term medical conditions

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Clinical results that can scale:

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Reduction in average resting heart rate

5.1 mmHg

Reduction in systolic blood pressure


Reduction in blood glucose

3.2 cm

Reduction in waist circumference

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Improvement in mood


Improvement in 6-minute walking test


Improvement in BMI


Improvement in fatigue


Improvement in pain

Improvement in lung

Clinical trials

Clinical Trials

EXI is committed to scientific research, advancing digital health, empowering healthcare professionals to transform how long-term medical conditions are managed.

We are proud to partner with innovative, forward-thinking researchers to demonstrate the clinical value of our platform to patients, clinicians, and real-world integration into the health ecosystem.

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