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EXI embeds seamlessly into multiple pathways across healthcare, employee wellbeing and the fitness and leisure sector.

For healthcare

EXI empowers healthcare professionals to prescribe personalised physical activity as quickly, effectively and confidently as they currently do medication, and to easily monitor real-time adherence and health data from patients’ own devices via a connected platform.

For employers

EXI is the secret to an active, productive workforce. Through personalised physical activity prescriptions, behaviour change support and incentives for achieving goals, it offers a safe, engaging way to help all employees become active – and with it improve their health.

For fitness

The future of healthcare is integrated; EXI allows leisure centres and fitness providers to embrace this and attract new audiences. It allows trainers to confidently work with and add value to those with long-term health conditions, knowing the activity prescription is safe.

Accurate data for enhanced care

EXI makes it easy for health professionals to plan and monitor patient care, with data from patients’ devices shared to a secure, penetration-tested, GDPR- and HIPPA-compliant web portal. 

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Optimised care delivery

Why our Healthcare partners choose EXI

EXI Solution

  • Delivering data based, personalised care.
  • Knowledge of guidelines for each patient
  • Time – Easy & quick to prescribe to each patient
  • Scalability – prescribe to all patients
  • Trust in a validated clinical program
  • Analysis & visibility of health & fitness data
  • Monitor adherence > informed decisions on patients care.
  • Integrate or embed into patient care pathways i.e., SDK

Benefits to Patients

  • Safe, easy to use
  • Access EXI via mobile app & wearable app, anytime, anywhere.
  • Personalised – tailored to your own health needs and current fitness levels.
  • Personalized, safe prescription for each patient
  • Person-centred, engaging program
  • Seamless data sharing to care team
  • Sustainable accountability to care team
  • Sustainable motivation with rewarding achievements
  • Type of activity is up to the user, they can choose in-gym, in-app, outdoor activity knowing Anything is everything

Cost effective Solution

  • Driving better health outcomes: less hospitalisation, stall, slow or cease (reverse T2D) disease progression.
  • Affordable and Accessible

Evidence Based Science

  • The latest WHO, ACSM and EIM guidelines

Data Privacy

At EXI we take data security seriously. Protecting health data through robust security measures is critical to ensure patient privacy and safety, legal compliance, reputation, and business continuity. EXI is compliant with:
  • HIPAA (US)
  • GDPR (EU & UK)

Regulatory Compliance

  • UKCA and CE marked medical device
  • ISO 13485: 2016 certified
  • Cyber Essentials certified
  • NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit assessed
  • NHS DTAC (Digital Technology Assessment Criteria) compliant
  • ORHCA assessed

Partner with EXI

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