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Every EXI program is based on the latest clinical evidence and guidelines including the World Health Organization (WHO), National Institute for Health and Care Evidence (NICE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) & Exercise is Medicine®.

Instantly collating and applying pertinent evidence and data for each individual, EXI is the SaMD – software as a medical device – that delivers safe, effective, personalized physical activity programs.

Physical Activity is Effective

There is overwhelming evidence that any physical activity is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Additionally, for individuals with long-term health conditions, there is global scientific and medical consensus that the benefits of increasing physical activity far outweigh the risks. As a result, a progressive activity program that’s tailored to individual health and fitness conditions – incorporating aerobic and strengthening exercises and reducing sedentary time – is recommended by every major health body as a safe, effective strategy to reduce morbidity, mortality and improve quality of life for people with long-term conditions.

Digital Interventions are Effective

Not only are digital interventions highly scalable, but they also assist in reaching people at home or in communities. Systematic reviews of digital interventions indicate that physical activity levels, motivation, and intention to be active – as well as awareness of physical activity goals – all increase following the use of apps to support behavior change. Further systematic review evidence shows that interventions using physical activity tracking are safe and effective at increasing physical activity at a clinically significant level, across a wide range of age groups and clinical and non-clinical populations.

EXI is Effective

We implement the latest research on behavior change, incorporating the most effective techniques for altering behavior and engaging individuals with digital interventions. We build these into EXI to maximize program adherence and positive health outcomes.

Review The Evidence

We’re committed to ongoing trials and research, continually strengthening our evidence base in partnership with multiple clinical and academic institutions. We’re proving that digital prescription of physical activity is an exact science: a targeted yet scalable means to improve population health.

EXI Impact White Paper

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Driving Physical Activity in Tier 3 Obesity Clinics with EXI: A Success Story from two NHS Trusts.

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Helping millions to accelerate the achievement of a healthy and sustainable weight.

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Everyone Active use EXI for GP Referral Scheme

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EXI retrospective data analysis for users with Obesity + best practice implementation guide June 2023

EXI retrospective data analysis for users with Obesity + best practice implementation guide June 2023

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EXI retrospective data analysis for users with Type 2 Diabetes + best practice implementation guide June 2023

EXI retrospective data analysis for users with Type 2 Diabetes + best practice implementation guide June 2023

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Evaluation of the EXI mobile app in the provision of Physical Activity to a Multidisciplinary Weight Management Clinic

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EXI Poster Presented at the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine Annual Conference 2023

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EXI Poster Presented at the Association for the Study of Obesity UK Congress 2023

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EXI user characteristics associated with greater physical activity and exercise program adherence: A retrospective data analysis.

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If physical activity were a drug, we would refer to it as a miracle cure, due to the great many illnesses it can prevent and help treat.

UK Chief Medical Officers

The information on the patients was really fascinating and a useful tool to identify the [people] motivated, ambivalent or not ready to make a lifestyle change.  What they say in the consultation and what they then do after enrolling in the programme is so useful to me, so I know which tactic I need to adopt when I next speak to them, whether that is putting on the brakes and working them up more or stepping on the gas for those in a determined place.

Dietician at Barts Hospital

EXI is a good conscience on my shoulder. It allows me to monitor what I am doing, and the linked GPS tracker is really handy to know how far I have walked. Thank you for your encouragement, the messages are rewarding and make you reflect how to go beyond a bronze star. With leukemia and reactive arthritis, I need a bit of a push, but I also need to watch myself!

EXI member

I have found EXI very straightforward to use and it has definitely made me more active. The app also links with other apps so any other activity you do shows in EXI. Keeping a track on all your stats is very handy as you see a week-by-week account of where you are. Motivational messages on your activity target are really good as it does give you a little buzz to carry on.

EXI member

To say that EXI has changed my life is an understatement. 19 weeks ago, I was overweight and incredibly unfit. Then I joined EXI and was hooked. Having a workout plan tailored to me has been a crucial part of my success.  Knowing that my health issues are being factored in gave me the confidence to throw myself into this. If you’re considering downloading an exercise app, I strongly recommend this one.

EXI Member

Ongoing evidence generation

Our current pipeline of research and evaluation includes:

Exercise is Medicine

Evaluation of the integration of EXI into an existing community Exercise Is Medicine programme, and comparing cohorts experiencing one of four EIM programmes. A study run collaboratively by Mason University and Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center, Virginia. 


The first of its kind in the UK, a digital incentive scheme will be used to promote physical activity amongst people with type 2 diabetes. An independent university partner is conducting a RCT to assess effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, and conduct process evaluation.

Cardiac Rehab

Multiple NHS Trusts are offering EXI as a standalone cardiac rehab programme or combined with their in person service. Real-world evaluation studies run in collaboration with the trusts and academic partners.

Employee Health

Pilot trial offering EXI + Apple Watch to a sample of staff of Logan Health. Evaluation will assess uptake and change in physical activity, to inform a large scale deployment.

Real World Evidence

EXI is committed to ongoing scientific research, advancing digital health, empowering healthcare professionals to reinvent the management of long-term medical conditions.

We are proud to partner with innovative, forward-thinking researchers and clinicians to demonstrate the clinical value of the platform and its real-world integration into the health ecosystem.

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