Exercise Intelligence For Employers

EXI helps millions of people accelerate the achievement of their most important health goals. 

Together, we are stronger.

Behaviour change takes time, with incentives proven to reinforce and embed healthy lifestyle habits. That’s why we’ve put engagement and reward at the heart of what we do.

With evidence-based methodologies, personalisation and rewards for achieving goals, EXI enables engagement for people who are sedentary – safely, cost-effectively and at scale – either through a standalone platform or as part of a broader employee programme.

One Bundle for Productivity, Security & Health

Jamf is the market leading software provider of Apple device management and security. This one-of-a-kind partnership creates an employee bundle like never before.

The bundling of iPhone, Apple Watch, mobile device management and cyber security all wrapped up with an employee health programme. This combination leverages the productivity tools of the hardware to drive engagement in physical activity and earn rewards by achieving personalised goals

Employers gain greater value from the tools provided to employees to complete their job role. At the same time all employees are enabled to earn rewards fairly through personalised goals.

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EXI Rewards

Incentivise your patients for healthy behaviour
We offer flexible, affordable plans that can be tailored to our partners needs.

What We Offer


  • Standalone platform
  • Employee facing app
  • Unlimited data portal access
  • Cost effective Solution
  • API & SDK Integration available

your Watch

  • Includes Apple Watch/Fitbit
  • In-app wearable store access
  • Wearable shipment direct to Employee
  • Wearable customer service support

with Watch

  • Employees earn badges for getting active that are converted to vouchers for select local and national retailers

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Your app, Powered by EXI Intelligence

Our personalised physical activity prescription, your app. Get up and running with the EXI Software Development Kit (SDK), Application Programming Interface (API) and Integrations. Register your interest below to learn how your organisation can be ‘Powered by EXI’.

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