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A MedTech focused on personalized exercise and remote monitoring for sedentary populations

EXI is designed for the majority

For sedentary people

or those not achieving activity guidelines

For at-risk people

whose lifestyle makes them vulnerable to developing long-term health conditions 

For clinically diagnosed people

living with obesity and up to 23 chronic conditions

Pioneering & proven

There has never been a seamless way to use exercise as a targeted treatment. Until Now.

EXI solves:

  • Knowledge of guidelines for each patient
  • Time to prescribe to each patient
  • Scalability to all patients
  • Trust in a validated clinical program
  • Analysis and visibility of health and fitness data

EXI solves: Patients

  • Personalized, safe prescription for each patient
  • Person-centred, engaging program
  • Seamless data sharing to care team
  • Sustainable accountability to care team
  • Sustainable motivation with rewarding achievements

The platform

Rethinking successful implementation of Exercise is Medicine® for both clinicians and patients

Health Professional

Web Based Data Portal

  • Secure, penetration-tested, GDPR- and HIPPA-compliant  
  • Integration with HealthKit and Google Fit  
  • Per patient and cohort view of data 
  • Real-time data sharing 
  • Enabling rewards for physical activity 


Mobile App (iOS & Android)

  • Personalized physical activity prescription
  • Behavioral science driven
  • Real-time data sharing
  • Enabling rewards for physical activity

Optional Apple Watch App:

  • Access EXI anytime, anywhere

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To learn more about how EXI can integrate seamlessly into your patient care pathway, please provide us with your company details and a member of the EXI team will be in touch.

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