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Integrate the best of our platform into yours.

+ Authentication + Onboarding

In order to get you started on your development journey with EXI, we will first ask you a few simple questions, so that we can set up a primary user account for accessing our software development kit (SDK) or SDK demo application. A primary email, your region, name, gender and date of birth. Once we have these, will we generate an account for you, using the EXI content management system. Once completed, we will send you your user credentials (if testing our offerings using the complimentary demo application, available for each platform), or if you’re a developer, we will provide you with your API access key and ClientID, and EXI integration with your product can begin! If you experience any issues logging in, please get in touch and we will promptly resolve.

+ Get Activities

Users will view a list of Activities in the prescription list that users have the option to perform. These activities will be managed by Super Admin from the admin panel. These activities will get updated weekly according to the updated prescription. The Activities data will get fetched from the integrated SDK with the system.

+ Get Prescription

Once you’re logged in, you will first be prompted to grant access to Apple HealthKit (when using an iOS device) or Google Fit (when using an Android device) or, if targeting Fitbit integration, you will be prompted to grant access on both mobile platforms. Once permission has been granted, you will be prompted to confirm the details you shared with us when setting up your account, in addition to being asked about any existing health conditions, using our medical problems and list of pre-populated selectable health conditions.

Once through this step, you will be brought to our health profile screen, whereupon you will be asked to to provide us with a few of your physical characteristics:  

  • Waist circumference 
  • Height 
  • Weight 
  • Systolic, diastolic all of which are optional.

This enables us to more closely tailor our prescriptions to your health requirements.

Upon creating a health profile for you, you will be presented with three important and final steps. Firstly, a resting heart rate screen where your heart rate will be measured or manually entered. Secondly, you will be asked to select your current activity level; sedentary, moderate or active. Finally, you will be asked to enter your desired goals. This step is optional, however these values are important for us, in order to further tailor your EXI experience. 

Once the above information and health conditions have been received, our SDK will provide you with a prescription list. This prescription list will be updated weekly, according to the health condition of the user.

+ Reporting Capabilities

The user’s activities, and health conditions progress reports will be updated on the system. These reports are weekly, monthly, and yearly based reports. Reports will include all the measurements and health concerns of users. Users, operators, and super admin can view these reports and can create PDFs of it.

+ Track Progress

Our SDK provides for the ability to track your progress. This capability will automatically track your activity/movement (using the mobile device health APIs)  and also allows for retrospectively logging your activity/movement. Your progress will be displayed in a variety of graphs that can be instantly viewed via your browser, or easily shared via relevant installed apps on your mobile device.

+ Rewards

“Your sponsor (organization) is investing in you.

With your wearable (either your sponsor has provided you with a wearable or you have your own wearable) get active within your prescribed heart rate zone to earn reward minutes. Convert your reward minutes to vouchers and redeem them when you have accumulated enough rewards.”

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