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EXI® iOS Sample App

Add EXI® to your applications

To assist with your app development powered by EXI®, please see below for details of our sample app which will help accelerate your development journey.


Xcode13.4v or later
Device targetiPhone
Minimum Android SDK SupportediOS 14.3
Dependency managementCocoaPods

Steps to build the sample app

  1. Once signed up with EXI®, we will add your nominated developers as collaborators to our GitHub instance. They will have read access to the respective platform’s sample app source code.
  2. Clone the source code
  3. Run pod install command in root project directory
  4. Open the EXISDKApp.xcworkspace
  5. Add the EXI® API Access Key that we provided you, in place of <EXI_API_Key> within the AppConfig.xcconfig file
  6. Run the project
  7. Login into the app using the credentials we provided you (<AUTH0_DEMO_ID> & <AUTH0_DEMO_PASSWORD>) again stored within AppConfig.xcconfig file.


The app is tested with unit tests and instrumented tests.


  • In order to use the HealthKit feature from EXISDK, perform the below steps in your iOS app:
     1. Enable HealthKit capability in your app.
      Also select Background Delivery checkbox for delivery of HealthKit updates to the app when running in the background.
     2. Add the following keys in Info.plist:
      Privacy – Health Share Usage Description
      Privacy – Health Update Usage Description
  • EXISDK supports tracking of user workouts. This requires location permissions to be granted by users. In order to provide location access, perform the below steps in your iOS app:
     1. Add the following keys in Info.plist:
      Privacy - Location Always and When In Use Usage Description
      Privacy - Location When In Use Usage Description
     2. Enable Background Modes capability in your app. Select the Location updates checkbox.
  • For Fitbit Integration, please add your supported Fitbit device Fitbit ID in place of <FITBIT_ID> & scheme in place of <FITBIT_SCHEME> in AppConfig.xcconfig file.