A unique digital therapeutic

Physical Activity made easy to prescribe.

Incentivising adherence to sustain engagement.

Exercise Intelligence

Exercise. It’s a powerful thing. It can improve our physical and psychological health. It can manage, treat, and even prevent certain conditions. For many, it’s a life-changer.

For years, research has shown the benefits of physical activity, but we’ve never had the tools to release its full potential. Most healthcare professionals have been able to give recommendations, but not personalised prescriptions. Provide advice, but not incentivise or monitor real-time adherence. There has never been a seamless way to use exercise as a targeted and engaging treatment for all.

Until now

EXI makes prescribing exercise accessible, combining decades of scientific knowledge with pioneering technology. Our intelligent platform automates personalised prescriptions for each person in a way that’s easy, effective, and scalable. With sophisticated motivational systems and incentives, we can achieve lasting behavioural change for all, including the people who need it the most.

This isn’t just exercise. This is EXI: Exercise Intelligence.

Our Mission

To help millions accelerate the achievement of their most challenging health goals.

Our Vision

A world where the prevalence, cost and impact of long-term health conditions is dramatically reduced thanks to the physical activity as a lifestyle medicine.

Meet the Team

EXI is led by a dedicated multidisciplinary team of scientific and medical experts with decades of experience in healthcare, physical activity, and behaviour change.

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