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EXI help millions of people accelerate the achievement of their most important health goals. 

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We work with healthcare providers to affordably put Exercise is Medicine® into the hands of every member who needs it. All options include unlimited access to our Exercise Intelligence, and with population segmentation, there’s an option to provide different incentive tiers for different patient groups

Effective in multiple pathways

  • Medicated Weight Management
  • Pre-Bariatric Weight Management
  • Diabetes Prevention and Weight Management

Medicated Weight Management

EXI + Cornwall Medical Group (CMG), a private medical centre where expertise matches expectation and experience matches outcomes.

An exemplary patient experience for the South West, bringing together leading doctors and surgeons to offer unrivalled care for surgical procedures and clinician-led medical services.

Cornwall Medical Group and EXI have partnered to enable personalised exercise prescription to complement Saxenda® medication within a holistic approach to supporting weight loss targets.

“Consultations are so much better with patients on EXI. I can so a really full consultation… we can set realistic achievable goals.”

Spencer Casey,
Director and Strategic Business Manager.

Pre-Bariatric Weight Management

Luscii + EXI – The partnership that brings health-enhancing exercise to virtual hospital wards

Luscii has the ambition to revolutionise healthcare with the aid of technology, in this way enabling virtual awards and preventing unnecessary hospital visits and admissions.

With Luscii’s digital healthcare concept and apps for iOS, Android and web, doctors and nurses can guide patients remotely and directly from their electronic patient record. Over 100 care pathways, a partner of NHS England, an Apple Mobility Partner and a global strategic partnership with OMRON Healthcare.

Together, EXI and Luscii enable every professional to compliment the patient care pathway with a personalised and safe exercise programme. The seamless sharing of data support remote monitoring of adherence of health outcome improvements.

Diabetes Prevention and Weight Management

EXI is a proud partner to a number of providers delivering services across all integrated care systems (ICSs) in England. In collaboration with our partners, we are empowering people to make long-term sustainable lifestyle changes to lose weight and prevent diabetes.

Implementing digital physical activity prescription into NHS weight management services

Listen to our Podcast episode where we meet the professionals who have been instrumental in successfully introducing EXI into the care pathways for people with severe obesity in two NHS Trusts. Olivia Williams, an exercise specialist, and Dr. Anjali Zalin, a consultant obesity physician, describe why and how they integrated a digital solution into their services, and share some of the reasons they feel it has benefitted their patients. With over 400 patients already beginning a physical activity journey with EXI so far, their experiences provide a wealth of expertise and advice for anyone seeking to augment weight management services with EXI.

Powered by EXI | NHS Weight Management

Evaluation of the EXI mobile app in the Provision of Physical Activity to a Multidisciplinary
Weight Management Clinic at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London

Read our white paper which is an evaluation of the EXI app in a real world tier 4 obesity service demonstrates that it is an effective tool for prescribing an automated, yet personalised, graded physical activity programme, resulting in increased physical activity levels in patients with obesity.

Results also suggest that individuals using EXI, in combination with care provided by the multidisciplinary team within the obesity service, reduced their BMI and waist circumference.

Our Partners

EXI Rewards

Incentivise your patients for healthy behaviour.
We offer flexible, affordable plans that can be tailored to our partners needs.

What We Offer


  • Standalone platform
  • Employee facing app
  • Unlimited data portal access
  • Cost effective solution
  • API & SDK Integration available

your Watch

  • Includes Apple Watch/Fitbit
  • In-app wearable store access
  • Wearable shipment direct to members
  • Wearable customer service support

with Watch

  • Members earn badges for getting active that are converted to vouchers for select local and national retailers

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Your app, Powered by EXI Intelligence

Our personalised physical activity prescription, your app. Get up and running with the EXI Software Development Kit (SDK), Application Programming Interface (API) and Integrations. Register your interest below to learn how your organisation’s existing platform can be ‘Powered by EXI’ Exercise Intelligence.

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