Luscii + EXI: The new partnership that brings health-enhancing exercise to virtual hospital wards

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Luscii + EXI: The new partnership that brings health-enhancing exercise to virtual hospital wards

Luscii + EXI: The new partnership that brings health-enhancing exercise to virtual hospital wards

Digital health platform Luscii, market leader in the growing space of virtual hospital wards, has announced a new partnership with digital therapeutic EXI that will allow it to integrate physical activity into its care pathways for the first time.

With over 15 years’ experience across 11 markets, and as a partner of NHS England, Luscii provides over 100 different care pathways. These enable patients with a broad range of health conditions – from pregnancy and menopause to cardiac rehab, diabetes and several types of cancer – to be monitored remotely, avoiding unnecessary check-ups and hospital admissions and freeing up clinicians to allocate in-person time to those who need it most.

To ensure best-in-class support across all 100+ pathways, Luscii works with a wide range of trusted partners that each bring their expertise to be integrated into a specific pathway.

EXI – whose Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) platform is proven for 23 long-term health conditions and co-morbidities – will be the partner to integrate across multiple care pathways.

A Class 1 medical device, EXI draws on the latest clinical evidence for behavioural science and exercise to prescribe personalised, intensity-based physical activity that’s safe and achievable for those with long-term health conditions and co-morbidities. It then engages, guides and motivates each patient through a progressive prescription, offering a choice of suitable activities, tracking progress and providing behaviour change support – including rewards for achieving personal goals – to engage patients in their prescription, drive adherence and encourage sustained physical activity.

Adherence, activity and health data is also sent directly to the clinician, in real time, through a secure practitioner portal.

A wearable-first strategy is in place for EXI’s partnership with Luscii, ensuring accuracy and breadth of health and activity data, as well as empowering patients to confidently complete prescriptions in the safe heart rate zone.

Initially launching into Luscii’s cardiology and COPD pathways in the UK and Ireland, it is envisioned that EXI will, in time, be integrated into every pathway across all markets – all through the Luscii platform for one seamless experience.

Ruben de Neef, Head of Implementations and Partnerships at Luscii, said: “We see collaboration as the key to market-leading healthcare provision, and EXI’s innovative approach to exercise prescription is a perfect fit for Luscii’s platform. We are excited to bring this new level of personalised care to patients together.”

EXI CEO Grace McNamara said: “Remote patient monitoring through virtual wards is proven to be one of the most efficient, cost-effective ways of managing people through multiple care pathways. This is a huge growth area, with the UK government now talking about virtually caring for 500,000 people every year. Similar conversations are taking place in the US. No matter what the condition-specific care pathway, incorporating personalised exercise is best practice.

“Within this field, Luscii is a world leader, deployed in over 10 NHS regions in the UK as well as 70 per cent of hospitals in its native Netherlands. It is also a trusted partner to Apple, Omron and PharmAccess.

“We’re hugely excited by this partnership and the opportunity it presents to make a real difference to clinicians and to patients. Together, we are ready to enhance health outcomes at scale by seamlessly and intelligently bringing exercise into every patient’s health journey.” 

Ronald Scheffer, Co-Founder and CEO at Luscii, Esther Lievaart, International Marketing Lead at Luscii and Henry Whicheloe Head of Enterprise Sales at EXI at the DMEA- Connecting Digital Health event in Berlin.

About Luscii

Luscii is the world’s most trusted digital health platform, providing all the necessary features for care at home in one easy-to-use app. Its goal is to revolutionise healthcare with the aid of technology, enabling virtual wards and preventing unnecessary hospital visits and admissions. With Luscii’s digital healthcare concept and apps for iOS, Android and web, doctors and nurses can guide their patients remotely and directly from their electronic patient record. Over 100 care pathways are available in the Luscii Library, making it possible to support patients and improve care for every clinical pathway. Today, Luscii is active in 11 countries and is partner of NHS England. Luscii is an Apple Mobility Partner and has a global, strategic partnership with OMRON Healthcare.

About EXI 

EXI is Exercise Intelligence – a Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), part of the emerging field of digital therapeutics, that supports professionals to prescribe and refer patients to exercise appropriately, and people with long-term health conditions to safely increase their physical activity. It’s designed for up to 23 co-morbid physical and mental health conditions, including prevalent and serious non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, asthma, COPD, depression, anxiety and stress. Fully regulated and bringing together behaviour change science with the latest clinical evidence and physical activity guidelines, it delivers safe, scalable, measurable health interventions that are medically proven, achievable for the end user, and quick and simple to prescribe and monitor. It also harnesses behaviour change support and rewards to engage patients in their prescription, drive adherence and support sustained physical activity. A smartphone app supports end users while a secure data portal allows the professional to monitor outcomes and adherence.

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