Using the EXI app and have a question about our Subscriptions? 

Check out our FAQs below 

How much is EXI app subscription?

The EXI subscription costs £39.99 per month (£300 per year).

Can I pay the subscription monthly or annually?

You can pay the subscription cost on a monthly or annual basis.

Who has to pay for EXI app subscription?

If you have been invited to EXI by an organisation, they will have paid for a licence for your EXI account. If you’ve found EXI by yourself, you will need to pay the subscription.

I’m part of an organisation, do I have to pay a subscription?

If you have been invited to EXI as part of an organisation, you should receive an invitation or a code to allow you to sign up for EXI without a subscription. You will not need to pay.

I’ve just paid for the subscription, but the app is not what I expected?

Please contact EXI Customer Support by emailing for next steps.

Is there a free trial of the app?

Yes, you can try EXI for two weeks before being charged for your subscription.

I’ve left my organisation, but I would still like to use the EXI app, do I have to pay the subscription?

Generally, you should be able to continue to use EXI even if you’ve left your organisation, please contact our customer support team by emailing

I’ve deleted my EXI app, does this automatically cancel my subscription?

No, you need to cancel your subscription in addition to deleting the app from your phone.