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12 Jan 2021
The best online home workouts to stream during lockdown | The Times
Featured as the best home workout for mobility: “[EXI] is the app to turn to if mobility and rehabilitation from injury or illness are an issue…You can complete your daily exercise in one or more sessions a day and the app uses your smartphone camera (or smart watch) to track health metrics. A game-changer.”

03 Dec 2020
EXI’s CEO speaks to Health Tech World about her plans for growth
EXI welcomes Grace McNamara as CEO. Grace had led Apple's health & fitness strategic initiatives and will drive EXI's mission to reform digital health: “There is more opportunity to leverage technology [in healthcare], with the right evidence and right support.”

18 Nov 2020
EXI Exercise Prescription app selected for DigitalHealth London Accelerator programme | Healthcare Newsdesk
EXI is one of 20 companies selected for the Accelerator programme for digital solutions that have the highest potential to meet London’s NHS challenges. The Accelerator aims to speed up the adoption of technology in the NHS, relieving pressure on services and empowering patients to manage their health.

18 Sep 2020
The NHS-approved fitness app for people looking for the confidence to begin an exercise programme safely | Health Tech World
Research highlights the need to include prescribed exercise in the management of chronic health conditions. “EXI fills a huge void in the market for safe, effective support for the sedentary, older adults, and those with chronic health conditions who perhaps would like to exercise but don’t know where to start,” says EXI co-founder.

27 Aug 2020
Why physical activity should be front and centre in the war against obesity | The Fitness Network
“It’s become easier to pop a pill than get out and move. We have to go back to basics and remind ourselves that our bodies were designed to move. Drugs can never replicate the same profound physiological effects that exercise has on the body.” EXI Co-Founder discusses solutions to the state of the nation’s health.

27 Jul 2020
NHS-Approved EXI Supports Government Guidelines For ‘Exercise On Prescription’ To Tackle Obesity | Sustain Health
The obesity crisis is one which government has been trying to tackle for decades. Now paired with the current pandemic, it is clearer than ever that a simple and effective solution is required. NHS-approved EXI could be an excellent start point for people as it provides a free, safe and simple solution to tackle obesity.

01 Jun 2020
Covid 19 Digital Solutions – app for monitoring physical activity programmes for people with long-term conditions remotely | Frontline – The Physiotherapy Magazine for CSP Members.
June 2020

14 May 2020
How people with long-term conditions are staying active while shielding | The Telegraph
Keeping physically and mentally well during the coronavirus has been hard for many of us, but for those living with a long-standing health condition, it’s an even bigger challenge....

22 Jul 2019
Fitness app gives patients with long-term conditions a prescription for exercise | The Pharmaceutical Journal
Fitness app gives patients with long-term conditions a prescription for exercise. A good, option for anyone looking for a gradual introduction to fitness.

21 Nov 2018
The Open Data Institute’s OpenActive accelerator ends after getting startups up and running | Computer Weekly
The Open Data Institute’s (ODI) fitness-focused OpenActive accelerator programme has come to an end, after helping 10 startups develop products and services […]